Ques: Why Contenters is Providing these services?

 Ans: I Ashish want to tell you that I have a great business idea in 2014 and for that I requires a website of my own .But I came to know after contacting some Website designers that they are just making customers fool thy said me to pay 6000rs/year for a single page website that time i have little knowledge about Website designing and till that some other worked on my idea and From that time I take an effort and start providing you these services with really low cost.

Ques: Why these services are cheap?

Ans: We believe that taking profits just by some customers is not a good approach. But We want that a huge amount of customers came to us and then they have to just contribute a little amount to us.

Ques: I just submitted my order. How much time it takes to get me reply?

Ans: We have a separate team just sitting to inspect and check orders . So if you do not spam we will back to you within 4-6 hours(Only in working hours from 6 AM to (PM).


Ques: My order is completed and now I want some change in that then What?

Ans: Don't worry we will do that free of cost.


Ques: How can i do Payment OR Payment Methods?

Ans: Paytm , Bank transfer , Phone Pay , Google pay , Paypal (Contact us for any other method to be included)