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Today in this post we are going to discuss about how you can Country Wise Redirect Visitors to subdomain or another link or Country wise redirection to directory.

Why Country Wise Redirection of Website Visitors is Important

-- Redirect Visitor by country will utilize the Total potential of the visitor.

-- We can serve visitors only Relevent Content.

-- Visitors have a lavish feeling about your website. Because you are standing above the crowd.

--  Conversion Rate will automatically increase.

-- We can offer different deals to different country visiotors.

-- Sales and Discounts only for a Particular region.

-- A overall better Experience.

-- Tells your client how serious about your website.

On What Platform can I Redirect Visitors by Country.

You can use Country wise redirection on website on any Platform some of them are mentioned below.

Wordpress You can easily setup the country wise Redirection on Wordpress there are some Plugins are there for Country wise redirection on wordpress website.

The the method I am going to tell you is ultimate and will not ask about Allow and Deny popup for Location.

Blogger Yes you can put country wise redirection on Blogger website too. But there are not any kind of tutorials and videos available for that. 

But the method I will tell you will work on any Platform.

php Its is too easy to set-up Redirect visitors by country in php Website. 

And the method I mentioned below will not even ask for any kind of Location Allow deny popup on Browser.

Html  Redirecting Visitors by country is the easiest in a Html and javascript website. You just to buy a plugin subsciption that is around 30 $. 

And just some coding stuff you have to do and that it. You are ready to redirect visitors by country

Ohters You can also use Country wise redirection on other platforms like Magento, Joomla, Wix, etc.

Methods to Redirect Visitors by Country

Method 1. Asking about the location from Visitors using a popup with Allow and Deny optoin.

country wise redirection in our website

I personally don't recommed this mehtod because it looks like the user is on a cheap website.

And it also feels like from the visitor's point of view that "My privacy is at risk"

Many users automatically rejects this kind of popups as thinking it a advertisment.

This method is cheap or you can impliment it free on your website.

But for 21st century where users are aware of everything. I won't recommend you to use this method.

So I am not wasting mine or your time to tell you about this method.

Method 2 to Redirect Visitors by country

This method is costly but works very smoothly and it will not affect the loading time of your website.

No Popup in this method.

Steps to Redirect Visitors by country.

1. First thing you have to do is go to the website

2. There you have given the number of requests that you can get free for your website.

3. If your website have more than the specified number of visitors then you must have to upgrade the Plan.

4. Write the Redirection codes for your website in Javascript.

5. Link that Js to your html website.

6. In case of php same thing you have to use switch statements and write down your code.

In case You want that Javascript code or any Help Then message us on Whatsapp that is given on home page.

We are here to help you with some very nominal Charges. 

Please Visit our home page and scroll down and directly whatsapp us your issue.

We will provide you a quality work don't even worry about that. 



So Today we have discussed about how you can Redirect Visitors by country on your website. 

I gave you an idea for that how you can do that. If you are new to programming then i must suggest you to hire us.

We are always ready to help you with very low charges and Quality assurance.

Hopes you liked our post about how we can redirect our website for different country.